Emmy Vickers


Silver Spring, MD


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Welcome, thank you for visiting my photography site!

I am Emmy Vickers and I love taking photos of landscapes, animals, wildlife, and nature (l.a.w.n.). I also have added landmarks to this niche (famous and hidden treasures)!! Every so often I will sneak in "food" pics.

As you view through the various scenes, I hope to take you on a journey, a journey that is fun and exciting, maybe even thought-provoking. Maybe give you some ideas of places to visit. Or simply put a smile on your face or make you chuckle. Whatever the case may be, my goal is to bring joy into that moment you are visiting.

(1) "Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution." -- Ansel Adams

(2) "Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph." -- Matt Hardy
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Originally from Hartford, CT, it was college that brought me to the Washington, DC area. I attended Howard University where I met my soul mate. We loved the area and decided to make Maryland our home. We are blessed to be living right outside our beautiful nation's capital.

A few accomplishments I am proud of: I am a published author and a 2009 award-winning entrepreneur. I am also a proud wife of 29 years to a wonderful caring husband.

I believe in seeing beyond what is in front of you. I guide my audience to DREAM BIG, envision, and take consistent action to make goals and dreams a reality. My goal is always to motivate, inspire, educate and help others.

Because of this mindset, you can probably understand why photography is such a passion for me. I see beauty in everything...from the smallest of the small to the grandeur of our universe. I truly embrace it all. My niche in photography is landscapes, animals, and nature. At times you will see me sneak in "food" scenes.

Photography allows me to experience the world in a different light and to help others do the same. It is a way to share with others laughter, joy, sadness, pain, hope, beauty and life. Photography is truly a passion! It allows me to express myself, learn, share, and change lives in a special and unique way. I have come to appreciate more than ever, the amazing world we live in.

I invite you to check out my artwork. Please vote on your favorites and take 30 seconds to let me know you stopped through by leaving a quick comment under that photo. Send me a personal email to let me know how I might be able to help you.

In addition to photography, I love traveling, cruising, fishing, tennis, casinos, 85 degree weather, learning, volunteering, and time with hubby, friends and family.

I look forward to continuously bringing a variety of photos for you to choose from to decorate your home, office, hotel or B&B property or as a gift to someone you know. I am also excited about meeting and networking with other FAA members throughout the world and helping them to promote their amazing works of art!

Have a blessed day and be a blessing to someone each day!!.

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Sunrise Over Annapolis Bay Bridge by Emmy Vickers


We Are Family - Lioness And Cubs 2 by Emmy Vickers


Amish Farm - Lancaster 02 by Emmy Vickers


We Are Family - Lioness And Cubs by Emmy Vickers


We Got This by Emmy Vickers


Lion Cubs Drinking by Emmy Vickers


Tulip The Cow by Emmy Vickers


Orion The Alpaca by Emmy Vickers


Flatiron Building NYC 2 by Emmy Vickers


Flatiron Building NYC 1 by Emmy Vickers


Orion The Alpaca 2 by Emmy Vickers


Peek-A-Boo Rose by Emmy Vickers


Cheetah In A Daze by Emmy Vickers


The Eyes Of A Sumatran Tiger by Emmy Vickers


Outdoor Dining By The Fire by Emmy Vickers


Canons At Fort McHenry by Emmy Vickers


National Baptist Memorial Church - Washington DC by Emmy Vickers


San Francisco Cityscape by Emmy Vickers


San Francisco Panoramic Skyline by Emmy Vickers


San Francisco Skyline by Emmy Vickers


Golden Gate Bridge And Replica by Emmy Vickers


Formerly Commanding Officers Quarters 2 - Fort Washington MD by Emmy Vickers


Formerly Commanding Officers Quarters - Fort Washington MD by Emmy Vickers


Light 80 - Fort Washington MD by Emmy Vickers


Boo by Emmy Vickers



Slot Machine Success by Emmy Vickers


Harpers Ferry WVA Rocks by Emmy Vickers


Robin Red Breast by Emmy Vickers


Manhattan Sunset by Emmy Vickers


Mallard Duck In the Fall by Emmy Vickers


Peek-A-Boo by Emmy Vickers


Squirrel Chomping On Bread by Emmy Vickers


Pumpkin and Squash by Emmy Vickers


Cloud Heaven by Emmy Vickers


Baltimore City Fire Department On Water by Emmy Vickers


Orpheus - Hero of Music and Poetry I by Emmy Vickers


Orpheus - Hero of Music and Poetry II by Emmy Vickers


Walking On The Wild Side by Emmy Marie Vickers


Star Spangled Banner - 15 Stars by Emmy Vickers


FDR Portrait by Emmy Vickers


FDR Memorial - Hunger Sculpture by Emmy Vickers


FDR Memorial - Hunger Sculpture BW by Emmy Vickers


Baltimore Visitor Center - Inner Harbor by Emmy Vickers


Sugarloaf Mountain by Emmy Vickers


Sugarloaf Mountain In October by Emmy Vickers


Barley Field - Sugarloaf Mountain by Emmy Vickers


Washington Monument In DC by Emmy Vickers


Rhododendron In Full Bloom by Emmy Vickers